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Walking around “Ambient Temperature” Exhibition at Jumex Museum

Walking around “Ambient Temperature” Exhibition at Jumex Museum

A few months ago I went with one of my best friends to Jumex Museum and walked in to the “Ambient Temperature Exhibition carrying around our “Life in a Seashell” Tote Bag

The exhibit is amazing! I trully recommend it. It is kind of interesting, how I saw an instant connection with the tote bag..

“Curated by artist Sofía Táboas, Ambient Temperature presents 35 works from the Colección Jumex to create a journey from the suffocating heat of the desert to the air-conditioned, impersonal spaces of contemporary life. “

Ambient Temperatureconsiders heat poetically—how it travels through the body, affecting experiences and emotions, against the backdrop of global climate change. Differences in temperatures represented by the works generate transitional spaces, intermediate states, and moments of discrepancy.” – JUMEX MUSEUM

Mark Dion , L’Ichthyosaure, 2003

You can still make it! Exhibition Available Until 13.FEB.2022