Doble Infinito is a Slow Fashion Contemporary Fashion Brand designed and illustrated by Rebeca Ramos. Each piece is gently handcrafted and made in Mexico. 

” Forever I wanted to design a brand that could tell stories through design, art, mix media, graphic design, fashion and share it with the world.”  – Rebeca Ramos 

Brand’s Manifesto

Our DNA : Innovation, Quality, Respect, and Creativity.

Innovation: in our designs and the process of the brand construction.

Quality: in our product and it’s commercialization. 

Respect: to Mexico, and it’s people.

Creativity: In our creative design process  and our team.

We are storytellers.  Each collection of Doble Infinito, tells a unique story about Mexico. Through the eyes of the Creative Director’s Universe. From trips across the country, to it’s people, culture and traditions.

Special Editions We have a limit number of pieces for some of our exclusive collections.

Personalized bespoked product experiences Feel free to schedule an appointment to our studio showroom. You will find a personal advisor during your unique shopping experience.  We will also have special events for our client’s  make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. 

Partnerships and Collaborations We believe in the synergy of collaboration between our brand and others. In order to create a movement of valorization of Mexican Design to the world.


About the Creative Director 

Rebeca Ramos is a graphic designer with a master’s degree in Fashion Marketing. Currently part time lecturer at Jannette Klein University of fashion based in Mexico City.


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