27 May, 2022

Rapport Fabric Design, for the SUPERBLOOM Collection. Sketching by hand / ink, chartpak, pencil and adobe treatment. Behind the creative process, Moodboard and more inspiration at our Pinterest.

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27 February, 2021
Life in a Seashell

Photo and design by Rebeca Ramos Montoya “Life in a Seashell” Doble Infinito’s New Collection Coming Soon. During a trip to Tampico Tamaulipas where I went to see my cousins, one of them took me to the beach.

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3 May, 2018
Doble Infinito’s First Collection “PEPITA”

PEPITA is Doble Infinito ‘s first and signature collection. This collection is inspired by the traditional Mexican candy named “pepitoria”. The pepitoria candy is made with wheat flower, pumpking toasted seeds and a touch of piloncillo an ingredient that makes it sweet and delicious.

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