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Rapport Fabric Design, for the SUPERBLOOM Collection. Sketching by hand / ink, chartpak, pencil and adobe treatment.

Behind the creative process, Moodboard and more inspiration at our Pinterest.

What’s the main inspiration behind SUPERBLOOM? One of my favorite songs by Misterwives is called “Superbloom”. *You can listen to it in the playlist below , it’s a great song I can relate to the lyrics. For me SUPERBLOOM represents the process of growing up as an individual, and being able to take all in. Just like wild flowers, blooming in spring.

If SUPERBLOOM could represent a woman, what would she be like? She will be the kind of woman who doesn’t give up easily, self confident. She is a flower child. She fights for what she wants, anything she touches turns to gold. She also knows her limits, but always gives a 100% extra in all she accomplishes. She is in touch with nature, loves long walks and morning coffee.

The SUPERBLOOM Collection is coming soon. Meanwhile enjoy the playlist.